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Appreciation Message from Ideal Office Management

IDEAL OFFICE AT YOUR SERVICE Your Ideal Serviced Offices to Meet All Your Business Requirements
"Thank you for considering Ideal Office as your Business Registration and Operations venue. Our company is honored to be of service to you and your Businesses.
At Ideal Office, our Managers are dedicated, efficient and trustworthy. Our staffs understand the importance of promptness and professionalism required in Business to Business dealings as well as the etiquette in responding and taking care of your Clientele when you are busy.
We strive to improve and better our services to keep up with the changing needs and demands of the business environment. We will put our utmost effort to make Ideal Office an ideal place where Ideas, Businesses and Networks will flourish and multiply"

Ideal Office Fukuoka Story

Thank you for visiting Ideal Office Fukuoka. We are honored to have the opportunity to share with you about how we can facilitate your business aspirations and goals.
We are enthusiastic about your interest in our serviced offices and we are eager to assist you to register and set up your businesses at our serviced offices.

At Ideal Office Fukuoka, our minds and focus are always on our clients. We ask ourselves constantly on
  • 1.How can we assist to facilitate our clients' businesses.
  • 2.How can we speed up administrative tasks and handle coordination work
  • 3.How can we provide and maintain a comfortable, reliable and professional business environment for our clients.

We hope that our serviced offices will be the Ideal Office to meet all our clients' business needs and requirements.
We strive to keep improving by learning through our experiences, clients' feedback and at the same time adapting our service standards to the fast changing requirements of today's corporate world.

Ideal Office Fukuoka 8 Star Stories

International Business Hub and Translation Services
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We welcome foreign investments and we hope to assist overseas companies to invest and expand their businesses and networks in Fukuoka. We understand that there might be presence of bureaucratic and time-consuming administration requirements may slow down the process of business registration and the process of carrying out the planned corporate strategy. Our Mangers are resourceful, experienced and multilingual. We are able to provide support in English, Chinese and Japanese to our clients as well as our client's guests.

Our Company aspires to be a Business Hub for both Japanese and foreign Corporations and Entrepreneurs that together we may bring about a new wave of Energy and Synergy from the proximity of a common business environment at Ideal Office.

A big part of business is about reliable networking and language should not be the barrier to this wonderful network of opportunity.
We hope that we can smooth out any language barriers and hope that our clients can make use of our language skills as a stepping stone to enhance their networking and communication skills.

Multilingal Support(Japanese/Chinese/English)

If our clients need our assistance in translation in either emails, simple documents or direct communications,our staff and overseas associates will be glad to be of service.

If our clients require information or consultation services and networking about setting up or expanding their businesses in Hong Kong/ China/ Singapore, we can use our expertise,networking and manpower in these countries to assist our clients to find out necessary information and provide referral services.

Strategic Business Location and Quality Office Suites
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Our ideal offices are located strategically within a 5-minute walk from the Hakata JR Station East Exit 3. Our clients can save the time and be spared of the hassle of having to commute long distances to and from office.
Our serviced offices are located at landmark building: Hakata Kindai Building which is easy to locate so that our clients and their associates will have the ease of locating the office.
Hakata Kindai Building is a big sized commercial building with four lifts serving each level. It is an iconic building which is well known to many and very convenient to locate. The building has undergone through an exterior renovation in recent years which up kept the image of the building.

We hope that by providing quality fixtures and furnishings, our clients can have a professional and comfortable office to carry out your daily business activities as well as give a positive and professional image to your clients when you schedule meeting and appointments at Ideal Office.

Our conference rooms are available for our clients to book and conduct your meetings and the conference rooms are complimentary to our clients.(There will not be any extra charges.)

Dedicated and Service Oriented Manager
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Ideal Office Fukuoka are run by a group of dedicated professionals who place clients interests at top priority.
Running a company and overseeing business operations may be stressful and demanding at times and we are here to offer our assistance should you need us.

Our Managers are experienced and dedicated, they will handle our clients' documents with utmost diligence and care. They can provide excellent reception services and are able to handle calls when our clients are out for meeting sand appointments and our clients can have the peace of mind that your clients will be served professionally.

Our Clients' instructions and requests will be followed up meticulously by our Managers. They will be like the invisible extra pair of hands to assist in the daily mundane tasks of receiving mails so that our clients could focus their time on the important matters of running their businesses.

In Ideal Office Fukuoka, we greatly value our clients' feedback and  we promise we would strive to improve wherever and whenever we can.

Hassle Free Application and Attractive Rental Rates & Space
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Ideal Office Fukuoka hope that our serviced offices will be the ideal office for our clients
and we hope that our clients will find our rates to be value for the money that they pay.

The application process is straightforward and transparent.
We minimize the documentary work required so that we can speed up the application process and our tenants can start using the office on an as soon as possible basis.

- Deluxe Office Suites -

¥58,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
1 person.
- Premier Office Suites -

¥78,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 1-2 persons.
- Grand Office Suites -

¥88,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 2 persons.
- Executive Office Suites -

Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 3-5 persons.
- Supreme Office Suites -

¥82,000~95,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 1-3 persons.
- Supreme Plus Office Suites -

¥98,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 3 persons.
- Supreme Special Office Suites -

¥108,000 Net Price

The office suites can accommodate
up to 3-4 persons.

※ Without tax for all the price.

Upon application, our clients only need to prepare for the above mentioned expenses:
  • 1. Security Deposit which is refundable within 1month from end of contract and handing over of office suites.
  • 2. Key money which is non refundable and it is a one-time-off fees upon application of the office suites.
  • 3. Advance Rental of 1 month of the desired office suite. Please refer to our frequently asked question on examples of the calculations
  • 4.Telephone line installation fee JPY10,000+Tax
  • 5.Signboard installation fee (optional) JPY15,000+Tax

*Security Deposit is equivalent to 2 months of rent and 1-time-off Key money is 1 month of rent.

Yes, the rental amount quoted above is the total amount that our clients need to commit to rent our serviced offices.
There are no other additional charges involved, no other peripheral service fees.
(Printing Fees and Telephone Fees are charged based on usage and the more information can be obtained from our friendly Managers.)
Professional Office Design
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Ideal Office Fukuoka was designed with a professional image in mind. The earth tone color scheme was chosen to create an ambience of calm and confidence.
Our office corridors are bright and spacious. To enhance the privacy of our office suites, our designs ensure that there will be no more than 10 office suites sharing each common corridor.

Our conference rooms are free to book and use, we hope our clients can fully utilize our amenities provided to the best of their advantage. Our conference rooms can accommodate up to 6 guests.

We respect our clients' need for privacy and we installed surveillance cameras which will serve the purpose of monitoring and security without intruding on our clients' privacy.
Fully Integrated Offices / Security & Alarm System & Facilities
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We understand the importance of security in office premises. Ideal Office suites have been installed individual digital lock to enhance the security of our clients' property. We respect our clients' need for privacy and we installed surveillance cameras which will serve the purpose of monitoring the common areas and main entrance. We ensure that our surveillance devices will not intrude our clients' privacy within their individual office suites.

In addition to the surveillance devices, the main entrance of the Ideal office has been installed with automated lock system which alarm will be triggered with any forced entry.
Each individual office suite is equipped with a separate digital lock with own alarm system which will be sounded when there are repeated wrong attempts for entry.

The commercial building which Ideal Office Suites are based in, have a routine security checks in place in which each levels of the building will be patrol and checked at designated hours by the security management of the building.

Our Offices are fully fitted and integrated with IT solutions.
■Our facilities include:
  • - Phone System
  • - Cable and WiFi Internet Connections (Free of Charge)
  • - Portable Router (Charge as per Usage)
  • - Copier and Fax Machine (Charge as per Usage)
  • - Conference Calls and Group Presentation Facilities
  • - Conference Rooms (Free of Charge)
  • - Surveillance facilities and Security devices
  • - Automated Security Main Entrance and Digital Security Door Lock for each individual office suites to ensure privacy and security
Wide Array of Complimentary Services
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For the rental of our office suites, our clients get to enjoy a wide array of complimentary services

Secretarial and Reception services are complimentary, there are no extra charges from the use of our call forwarding and secretarial services.
Translation service
Our Managers are multilingual in Japanese, English, Chinese and French and will be able to assist in translation of simple emails.For Chinese Speaking clients and guests. For Chinese Speaking clients and guests, our support staff in Hong Kong that are linked online to our Ideal Office during all weekdays within 9am – 6pm office hours (Japanese local time) will be able to assist through email and / or through video conference facilities. Our translation services are complimentary, all in a bid to facilitate you for your businesses without boundaries.
■Other service
  • ・Snacks and drinks for our Ideal Office tenants and their guestsWe provide a weekly supply of complimentary snacks and drinks for our Ideal Office tenants and their guests as a gesture of our appreciation for having your businesses with us.
  • ・Weekly cleaning of common areasFor common area, cleaning will be done once/week. For the individual suites, because of the viewpoint of security, cleaning has to be done by the tenant. There is a vacuum cleaner at your disposal.
Business Networking and Referral of Professional Personnel / Local Government
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Ideal Office Fukuoka is an excellent Business Hub for both Local Japanese and Overseas Companies and Entrepreneurs.
We believe that connectivity and networking is one of the most crucial aspect of having a successful businesses and relationships.
Ideal Office serves as a great resources hub for referrals and information gathering.

Below is some of the network that our clients can leverage upon for their businesses requirements.

  • - Business Registration and Incorporation
  • - Tax and Accounting Services
  • - Immigration and Visa Application
  • - Employment and Recruitment of Staff
  • - Business Registration and Incorporation advice in China, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • - Arrangement of Accommodations for short term and long term stay at discounted rate as part of our integrated services provided to our clients
  • - Legal Services and Advisory Referrals
  • - IT Solutions and Renovation Services Referrals
  • - Procurement of new office space when our clients need to expand to a bigger office compound
  • - Overseas Real Estate Investments and Visa Application Referral Services
  • - Website design, Company Image Consultancy Services, Logo Design and Name Card Design


Thank you for your time in reading through our website and understanding about Ideal Office Fukuoka. We sincerely thank you for considering us as your preferred office space providers and we will strive to improve and be adaptive and do our very best to be the ideal office for you. Thank you.