Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What will be the fees and deposits involved for new application of office suites?

We do not charge any application fees or administration fees.
Our only requirement are Security Deposit and Key Money and Advance Rental as illustrated below:

Security deposit equivalent to 2 months of rent.
Security deposit is refundable within 1 month from handing over of office suite.(tax exempt)
Key money equivalent to 1 month of rent.
The key money will not refundable and i will keep this fees for purpose of maintaining
and restoration of the office suite.
One month advance rental of the selected office suite.
Telephone line installation fee JPY10,000+Tax.
Signboard installation fee (optional) JPY15,000+Tax.
Example: Choice of Deluxe Suite: JPY 58,000(Net Price) / Starting on the 1st of each month.
  • 1. Security Deposit / JPY 116,000 (Refundable)
  • 2. Key money / JPY 58,000 (Non-Refundable)
  • 3. Advance Rental / JPY 58,000
  • Total Required Amount / JPY 232,000

*The next rental due will be on the 1st day of the following month.

*Tax is not included for the price.

Example: Choice of Deluxe Suite: JPY 58,000(Net Price) / Starting on 15th of March
For Tenant whose start date which is Not on the 1st of each month, the advance rental due shall be calculated and pro-rated accordingly.
  • 1. Security Deposit / JPY 116,000 (Refundable)
  • 2. Key money / JPY 58,000 (Non-Refundable)
  • 3. Advance Rental / JPY 31,806 Advance Rental Calculation (JPY 58,000 / 31 Days) X 17 Days = JPY 31,806
  • Total Required Amount / JPY 205,806

*The next rental due will be on the 1st day of the following month.

*Tax is not included for the price.

2. Please tell us the cost at the time of leaving.

We do not charge for any cleaning fees upon handing over (leaving) of the office suite.

We will collect JPY15,000+Tax for correspond of telephone and any mails/parcels sent to our office.

3. Are there any expenses that is not included in the monthly rental that the tenant need to pay for?

Yes, the below mentioned fees are chargeable in addition to the monthly rental, but no others fee is charged. Both fees are due at the end of each month upon the summary of the fees generated and provided to our tenants.

Telephone BillsCharged as per usage at the end of each month, the usage report will be generated and provided to our tenants at the end of each month.
Copier and Fax MachineUse of printers and fax services are charged according to usage at the end of each month, the usage report will be generated and provided to our tenants at the end of each month.* Please refer to our list of fees regarding the cost of printing (in color and black/white) and fax services.
Fax Plan FeePlase ask to the staff about this.

4. If I decided to Downgrade to smaller office suite or Upgrade to bigger office suite, will there be any additional transfer expenses?

For any downgrade and upgrade, we need 1 month notice in advance. The transfer fee is fixed at an one-time-off transfer fee of JPY 40,000.

For upgrade to bigger office suites, there will be a top up of the remaining amount of the key money (1 month of rent) and security deposit (2 months of rent).
For downgrade to smaller office suites, there will be no refund of excess key money (1 month of rent) and security deposit (2 months of rent).

Example of upgrade of office suite: Deluxe Suite to upgrade to Grand Suite
For tenant whose start date which is NOT on the 1st of each month, the advance rental due shall be calculated and pro-rated accordingly.
  • Transfer Fee / JPY40,000
  • Being top up of security deposit for the larger suite / JPY 6,000(JPY 176,000 – JPY 116,000)
  • Being top up of key money for the larger suite. / JPY 30,000 (JPY 88,000 – JPY 58,000)
  • Total Amount / JPY 130,000

*Tax is not included for all the price except security deposit.

5. What are the operation hours of the serviced office suites?

Our Managers will be stationed in Ideal Office from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
Their break time will be 1 hour each day and they will take lunch break on rotational basis to ensure that at least 1 personnel will be reachable during office hours on week days.
Our tenants will be issued with individual security scan pass which will allow you to access the office premise on all days around the year.
(For operation hours of the serviced office suites during night time, please ask our managers for more details.)

6. Are there any restriction timing on Air-conditioning usage?

On Air-conditioning, tenants have access to Air-conditioning from 9:00am-6:30pm 365days a year, not including weekends and public holiday. For more details on the choices, please contact our Managers.

7. Are there any community charges and / or utilities charges?

There are no other charges involved other than the monthly rental and the Telephone and Copier/Fax machine charges which are based upon usage.

8. Are the supplies in the pantry free of charge?

Yes, we provide a weekly fixed supply of snacks and refreshments for our guests and we pay for these from company expenses as an appreciation for the privilege of having you as our tenant.

9. What are the IT solutions available in Ideal Office to assist my business needs?

We are equipped with business phone system for our tenant as well as an array of call forwarding services which will enable us to provide reception services for our tenants when they are busy.

We installed stable and high speed cable and WIFI facilities to ensure that your work will not be slowed down due to congested network or slow internet connection.

We provide portable router on loan if required (Estimated discounted rate of JPY 350/day) for tenant who have yet to apply for local smartphone. The average rate is about JPY 500/day for using public accessible and chargeable internet connection.

10. What are the furniture and fittings provided in each office suite?

We provide an NEC phone set, working desk, chair. A welcome package that includes a set of stationary will be presented to our new tenant for each suite. There will be storage shelves and drawers which our tenants can use to store their documents in the office suites.

11. What are the security measures in place to safeguard the office suites?

We installed surveillance devices and recording equipment for a month within our office premises. Each office suite is installed with individual digital lock. Any repeated attempts to enter without correct code or required scan pass will trigger the alarm system.
Our offices are located in commercial building with security personnel running regular security checks at each level for greater peace of mind for our tenants.
Our office premises are insured under insurance coverage in case of unexpected emergency.

12. How many conference rooms are available for booking and any costs involved?

We have a total of 4 conference rooms available for booking by our tenants. We have 3 small conference rooms (can accommodate up to 4 participants) and one big conference room (can accommodate up to 6 participants).
We do not charge for the use of our conference room, please indicate your preferred booking time slots with our managers and they will update the available schedule for you to plan your appointments. We hope to encourage frequent use of our conference rooms for your networking purposes.

13. What are the complimentary services that I get to enjoy as tenant of?

The following are complimentary services that our tenants can make use of without any additional costs.

Reception Services
When you are out for appointments or meetings, our dedicated Managers can answer your calls on your behalf, take down notes and message and send to you via email so that you will be aware of any calls or matters that may need your attention.
Please activate our call forwarding services and our Managers will be glad to be of service.
Receiving of Mails and Fax Documents
Our manager will check our mailboxes for mails and send the mails to your individual office suites every day. If we receive any fax, our staff will send it to your office suites mail box.
Receiving and Sending of Documents or Parcel
If you have parcel or documents that you need to arrange for courier services, please let our managers know and they will assist you in the administrative task so that you can have more time for your businesses.
Translation Services: English/Chinese/Japanese
We can provide simple translation services and answering of calls and reply via email in the above languages. We can assist in the simple explanation of emails and correspondences.
We can also provide support in the above mentioned language via video conference facilities during office hours. However, for legal and more complex documents, it will not be within our capabilities but we will be able to provide referral to the relevant professionals for their services.

14. What will be the required documents during application?

The required documents for suites application are:

In the Case of Company Applicants
  • 1. A Copy of the Company Representative Identification (For example: Driving License, Passport).
  • 2. A Copy of the Company Business Registration (Original).
  • 3. A Copy of the Seal Certificate of the Company (Original Company Official Seal).
*we require the follow documents that need to be within 3 months from date of the application
In the Case of Individual Applicants
  • 1. A Copy of the Applicant Personal Identification Document (Driving License, Passport)
  • 2. A Copy of the Applicant Resident card (Original).
  • 3. A Copy of Seal Certificate (Original Personal Registered Seal).
*we require the follow documents that need to be within 3 months from date of the application

For Overseas Corporation and Overseas Individual Applicants, we required the following documents to be notarized by the notary public in your respective countries. If you do not possess resident card, we can accept notarized identification documents in your respective country. We try to make the application process as simple and hassle free as possible for our clients.

15. When is the soonest I can apply for and start to use the office suites?

If you like to apply for our office suite on the day of your viewing, please prepare the documents in advance and we can process and accept your application immediately pending availability of desired office suites.
Or you can fill in the forms and send us the remaining documents so that we can process and get ready your office for you on your desired start date.*All applications and acceptance of booking of office suites can only be confirmed after the required fees has been confirmed receipt into our Company Registered Bank Account.

16. Could the address of Ideal Office be used as the address for Head Office of corporate registration?

Our Ideal Office address is available for use as your company's Head Office registration address as well as for use as Branch Office registration address.

17. Please tell us “what kind of business person?” are your targeted clientele?

We are hoping to attract professional local Japanese as well as international companies to start their Head Office or Branch Office in Ideal Office before they move on to bigger and fixed office premises.

We like to encourage professional local entrepreneurs including and not limited to: Legal Consultants, Accountants, Immigration Consultants, IT Solutions Consultants, Graphic and Website Designers and Interior Designers and Architects, Real Estate Representatives, Financial Insurance Advisors, Translators, Logistic Field, Trading Businesses and many more profession.

We like to encourage entrepreneurs to expand their business through us as a stepping stone to reach out more clients.
We hope to be a Business Hub that brings people, intelligence, expertise of different fields and through building and expanding of these networking and synergies to bring about economies of scale and create an effective and conducive environment for all of our tenants.

18. What are the smoking regulations in Ideal Office?

Ideal Office premises are non-smoking premises for the safety and consideration of all tenants. However, there are designated smoking areas in the commercial building which our offices are located in.

19. What are the cleaning schedule and arrangements?

For common area, cleaning will be done once/week.
For the individual suites, because of the viewpoint of security, cleaning has to be done by the tenant.
There is a vacuum cleaner at your disposal.

20.Honestly, tell me why should I choose Ideal Office as my serviced office?

Ideal Office is passionate about our business. We are passionate to bring about a conducive working environment for our tenants.

We are aspiring to not be just a serviced office suites provider but as a Business Hub where we keep the action going and assist our tenants to smooth out their day to day obstacle during their course of work. We believe that with each starting of new business or the continuance and expanding of successful business, we play a role in the chain of job creation as well as a role on consumers' satisfaction for the end users. We believe that we need to do our work well so that our tenants can focus on their businesses and their customers and excel.

We understand that there are many stress coming from the course of work, especially for entrepreneurs and foreign companies, we hope to be the first support station to ease out some of the obstacles and take away some of the administrative burden on behalf of our tenants.

We hope to provide our tenant with a Value for Money office space solutions and present a professional and comfortable working environment so that our tenants can relieve some of their working stress once they returned to the office suites. We hope for your continued stay and of your referrals if your company has expanded and need to move on to bigger grounds.

We may not be perfect and at times there might be hiccups during the course of us providing our services. However, please be reassured that because of our passion and enthusiasm, we will rectify and improve which each learning experience.

We wish and pray for the every success of our tenants and the guest of our tenants and we thank you for spending time at our home page to get to know more about us. Please feel free to contact us if there are any queries.

It has been a great privilege, we sincerely hope for your kind consideration. Thank you.

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