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Security & Alarm System & Facilities

Our Offices are fully fitted and integrated with IT solutions.

Phone System
Phone System
Cable and WiFi Internet Connections (Free of Charge)
Cable and WiFi Internet Connections (Free of Charge)
Portable Router (Charge as per usage)
Portable Router (Charge as per Usage)*Sample
Copier and Fax Machine (Charge as Per usage)
Copier and Fax Machine (Charge as per Usage)
Conference Calls and Group Presentation Facilities
Conference Calls and Group Presentation Facilities
Conference Rooms (Free of Charge)
Conference Rooms (Free of Charge)
Our Secured Office Enviroment
We understand the importance of security in office premises. Ideal office suites have been  installed individual digital lock to enhance the security of our clients' property. We respect our clients' need for privacy and we installed surveillance cameras which will serve the purpose of monitoring the common areas and main entrance. We ensure that our surveillance devices will not intrude our clients' privacy within their individual office suites.In addition to the surveillance devices, the main entrance of the Ideal Office has been installed with automated lock system which alarm will be triggered with any forced entry.Each individual office suite is equipped with a separate digital lock with own alarm system which will be sounded when there are repeated wrong attempts for entry.The commercial building which Ideal Office Suites are based in, have a routine security checks in place in which each levels of the building will be patrol and checked at designated hours by the security management of the building.
Surveillance facilities and Security devices
Surveillance Facilities and Security Devices
Automated Security Main Entrance and Digital Security Door lock for each individual office suites to ensure privacy and security
Automated Security Main Entrance and Digital Security Door Lock for each individual office suites to ensure privacy and security

Wide Array Of Complimentary Services

For the rental of our office suites, our clients get to enjoy a wide array of complimentary services

Secretarial and Reception services are complimentary, there are no extra charges from the use of our call forwarding and secretarial services.(Partially charge)
Translation service
Our Managers are multilingual in Japanese, English, Chinese and French and will be able to assist in translation of simple emails.For Chinese Speaking clients and guest. For Chinese Speaking clients and guests, our support staff in Hong Kong that are linked online to our Ideal Office during all weekdays within 9am – 6pm office hours (Japanese local time) will be able to assist through email and or through video conference facilities. Our translation services are complimentary, all in a bid to facilitate you for your businesses without boundaries.
■Other service
  • ・Snacks and drinks for our Ideal Office tenants and their guestsWe provide a weekly supply of complimentary snacks and drinks for our Ideal Office tenants and their guests as a gesture of our appreciation for having your businesses with us.
  • ・Weekly cleaning of common areasFor common area, cleaning will be done once/week.
    For the individual suites, because of the viewpoint of security,
    cleaning has to be done by the tenant.
    There is a vacuum cleaner at your disposal.
Below is some of the network that our clients can leverage upon for their businesses requirements.
  • - Business Registration and incorporation
  • - Tax and Accounting Services
  • - Immigration and Visa Application
  • - Employment and Recruitment of Staff
  • - Business Registration and Incorporation advice in China, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • - Arrangement of Accommodations for short term and long term stay at discounted rate as part of our integrated services provided to our clients
  • - Legal Services and Advisory Referrals
  • - IT Solutions and Renovation Services Referrals
  • - Procurement of new office space when our clients need to expand to a bigger office compound
  • - Overseas Real Estate Investments and Visa Application Referral Services
  • - Website design, Company Image Consultancy Services, Logo Design, Name Card Design
Business networking and referral networking and referral of professional personnel / Local Government
Ideal Office Fukuoka is an excellent Business Hub for both local Japanese and overseas Companies and Entrepreneurs.
We believe that connectivity and networking is one of the most crucial aspect of having a successful businesses and relationships.
Ideal Office serves as a great resources hub for referrals and information gathering.
We are always looking to expand our networks and to introduce to our clients the right professionals to assist with their work and requirements.
Contact us for more information.
Japan Support
 +81-(0)92-260-9733(Office 7/F) (Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 18:00  Japan local time )
Hong Kong Support
+852-3593-5287 / +852-9215-3175

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