Application Process

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4 Simple Steps to Apply

We fully Support Overseas Clients/Companies who need to set up a local office at Fukuoka to register local address,we can assist the leasing of serviced office and accept application via online application and we provide forms in both English and Chinese.

STEP.1 Office Tour
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  • STEP1-1Enquiry via email, phone or Skype
  • STEP1-2Make an appointment for office tour
STEP.2 Recommendation and Consideration
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  • STEP2-1Discussion with our friendly office manager
  • STEP2-2Terms and conditions
  • STEP2-3Recommendation and availability of offices
  • STEP2-4Questions and answers
  • STEP1-5Consideration and decision
STEP.3 Contract
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  • STEP3-1Confirmation of selected offices
  • STEP3-2Preparation of required documents for application (Clients)*1
  • STEP3-3Preparation of serviced office rental contract
  • STEP3-4Meeting to execute the documents
  • STEP3-5Detailed discussion on commencement date and regulations
  • STEP1-6Invoice and receipts upon payment

*1 The required documents for suites application are:

In the Case of Company Applicants
  • 1. A Copy of the Company Representative Identification
    (For example: Driving License, Passport).
  • 2. A Copy of the Company Business Registration (Original).
  • 3. A Copy of the Seal Certificate of the Company
    (Original Company Official Seal).
*we require the follow documents that need to be within 3 months from date
of the application
In the Case of Individual Applicants
  • 1. A Copy of the Applicant Personal Identification Document
    (Driving License, Passport)
  • 2. A Copy of the Applicant Resident Card (Original).
  • 3. A Copy of Seal Certificate (Original Personal Registered Seal).
*we require the follow documents that need to be within 3 months from date
of the application

For Overseas Corporation and Overseas Individual Applicants, we required the following documents to be notarized by the notary public in your respective countries.
If you do not possess resident card, we can accept notarized identification documents in your respective country. We try to make the application process as simple
and hassle free as possible for our clients.

STEP.4 Setting
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  • STEP4-1On commencement date, welcome package which includes all information of serviced office
  • STEP4-2Assistance in setting up office connections and copier and fax machine.
  • STEP4-3Please feel free to ask our Ideal Office manager for any assistance
  • STEP4-4Thank you for setting up your business facility with Ideal Office,we will strive to provide the support that you require
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